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Whether you need a propane delivery to heat your home, or a refill for your grill, you can count on the experienced service professionals at Pioneer Gas to provide you with the service and commitment  our customers expect. Contact us today to find a plan for your home or business. 

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Your safety is our first priority

Propane is a clean, energy-efficieint fuel and serves approximately 60 million people in the United States in millions of homes and businesses. At Pioneer Gas we help you protect your family and employees by keeping your appliances and propane equipment safe.

Winter Weather Safety Tips

Maintain an adequate supply of propane in your tank. A severe winter storm can hinder additional propane deliveries.

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Getting Your Propane System Inspected

Customer Safety Video Series

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If You Suspect a Gas Leak

Customer Safety Video Series

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Propane Safety For High Snowfall

Accumulated snow and ice have the potential to damage your propane system. While you can’t predict the weather, you can take measures to plan for them.

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What to do if you smell gas

When it comes to gas appliances, safety is a top priority. If you smell gas in your home, follow these steps

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“Although I am new to the area, I have been there twice now. Quick, friendly service. I always try to go local to the small business owners and am never disappointed.They now have another long term customer. GO LOCAL!!!”

Joseph B.L.


“$10 for fill a propane tank full (20 lbs). Can’t beat that! They also do residential deliveries and retrofitting (e.g. adding an outside regulator to hook up to your LP grill). Friendly local place.”

Nathan L.


“These guys are amazing!!! Great customer service! Fast, efficient and very caring about there customers! I would recommend to everyone.”

Sara N.


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